RedTape, we simplify paperwork

RedTape can take care of up to 100% of your administrative mail (electronic and paper).

With our secure online platform , you can access all your documents any time and any where.

To have RedTape manage one of your contract, simply use RedTape mobile application to send a picture of the document to your assistant which will handle everything from there.

A glimpse of the everyday miracles RedTape can do for you:

Security and Confidentiality

As a Swiss company based in Geneva, RedTape complies to Swiss law in terms of privacy and data protection. RedTape meets the highest security and confidentiality standards as applied by financial institutions. RedTape is a member of Clusis, the Swiss Association for information security. All our servers are hosted and operated in highly secured centers in Switzerland, which are monitored 24/7. Your documents belong to you, you can access and upload them anytime. No money transfer can be done from your Redtape platform. Neither you nor us have access to your e-banking from our application.

All our solutions include the best of RedTape ! They differ in the number of people we are taking care of.

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