The FAQ for kids moving abroad


1/ kid's cornerWhy do we have to go?
Because your mum or dad has been given a really good job in the new country and they’d be daft not to go. You’re probably not looking forward to going much, but you’ll soon get in the swing of the new place. After a few days you’ll wonder what you were worried about

2/ How will I learn a new language?
You might not have to. If you go to a country where they already speak your language then you’re OK. If not, your mum and dad will probably arrange for you to go to a school where they speak your language all the time. Anyway, learning a new language can be fun. You’ll pick it up in no time. Bet you’ll be better at it than your mum and dad!



3/ Can I take my toys ?
Yes, no problem. Pack the toys you want into the boxes the moving man brings, then make up your own tags on this web site so that everyone knows that they are yours and to ‘keep their hands off’.

4/ Will my Play Station/Wii work OK
Yes, it will work just fine. You’ll need to ask mum or dad to put a new electrical plug on it for you, then plug it into your new TV and you’re off. You’ll still crash the car on the Rome race track though!

5/ Why does it take so long for my things to get there?
Most things travel by ship and ships only go slowly (about as fast as you can peddle on your bike down hill). So if you’re going a long way it takes a long time to get there. Although it’s a bit slow, shipping is very safe way to move your things so you can be sure they will arrive OK – eventually (yawn).
If you’re really lucky you might be able to send some special things by air and planes travel much quicker so you’ll have them in no time.


6/ Can I still see my friends ?
Probably not, for a while anyway. But you’ll be able to send them emails if they’re on line and you could even try writing them a letter. It’s also great fun to record tapes, mini discs or videos and send them to each other. Don’t forget, when you get back you’ll have loads of really cool stories to tell them to make them turn green with envy.

7/ Can I take my pets ?
Yes you can as long as mum and dad say it’s OK. Most countries will let you take your pets in but some make them stay in quarantine (it’s like a pet hotel) for a time when they first arrive to make sure they are healthy. If your pet is very old it might not like travelling much so it’s better to ask a friend or relative to look after it while you’re away.