Dishwashers and washing machines that are to be transported should be disconnected by a qualified electrician if necessary.
Some movable parts may need to put set in security mode before transport, for example, washing machine drums, tumble-dryers, VCR and CD read heads.

Refrigerators and freezers should be emptied and unplugged at least 24 hours before moving.

Remember to disconnect all electrical appliances and mark cables, boxes and cords etc.  Our personnel can disconnect for you but will not mark the cables.  Similarly, they will not connect appliances when you arrive because of insurance regulations.   However, our branch the Swiss Moving Service can help you.

NB! For moves outside of the EU and depending on the destination, make a comprehensive list of the make, model and series number of electrical appliances and submit this list to our personnel on the day of the move.  Your Move Coordinator will inform you of this in advance.  Do not forget to check that your appliances are compatible in your destination country.

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