the Swiss Moving Company is a combination of an experienced team of professionals in all areas of relocation Our 50 years of combined experience have enabled us to develop a sense of service, listening, reliability and efficiency are the hallmarks of philosophy working Group.

Personalized coaching clients, close monitoring of suppliers and respect for the environment are the three pillars of the Swiss Moving Company.

Your comments are welcomed !


J. GUIZAR – Removal to Madrid, Spain  

Everything was perfect both locations, the people working was kind, supporting and professional. Thanks for your great support!


K. NAKASHIMA – Removal within Geneva  

All crews were very kind and speedy. We were very satisfied by them. Thank you very much and have a nice day.


E. CHABRIER – Removal to Geneva  

Our move went very smoothly and we were happy with the help of the Swiss loving company. Thank you once again for your service.
There is quite some unpacked boxes that stay in the basement which we will unpack with the time. I am sure everything will be fine there, if something is wrong, I will let you know.
Have a very good day


Paul CUFFE – Removal to Altrincham, UK   

Thanks for your email. The move went really well thanks! Still got a few more boxes to unpack, but should be done soon!
Thanks for all your help
Best regards


Steve GRIFFITHS – Removal from Zürich to Geneva 

I would like to thank the Team at Swiss Moving Company for the excellent service both in my recent move from Zurich to Geneva but also in preparing my apartment in Zurich for hand back and for making all the arrangements for me – I would have no hesitation in recommending you.



R. BARNES – Removal from Lugano to Phoenix, AZ 

Dear Sir,
I am now a bit more settled and wanted to thank you for the perfect synchronisation of the air shipment. It went extremely well from A to Z. Congratulations to you, you are really professionals. All the best to your company




Paul POLIDON – Removal from London to Geneva 

Dear Swiss Moving Team,

Thank you for a fantastic move from UK to Switzerlandf. We were so impressed with the professional way everything was handled, and were so grateful to Philippe and Cang for all their hard work at this end. Please pass on our thanks to them for everything they did. All our belongings arrived safe and with no damage at all thanks to you and your team, and we’d recommend you to anyone considering a domestic or international move. With our best wishes, Paul and Margaret

B. PRAWE – Removal from Geneva to Zürich 

Dear Mister Leriche,
I would like to thank the Swiss moving Company for the perfect move from Geneva to Zurich. We really appreciated the professionalism, the flexibility and positive attitude of your team. Big thanks especially to Igor and Philippe. I hope moving from Zurich to Kloten next year with the same team !
Best regards
B. Prawe

B. GONNA- Reparismoval from Paris (17th) to Geneva  

I am anxious to thank you for your efficiency and for the kindness of the people who proceeded with my moving. The office staff as the movers showed themselves to the listening and realized an impeccable work for these 2 weeks when will have lasted our moving which was not of the simplest, I can agree on it!
I left you a message on your answering machine a little earlier during the day, to announce you my real satisfaction. A moving is always a moment of stress, which disappears when everything takes place in the perfection. Thank you again. Yours. Bénédicte

F. MASON – Removal from Benahavis (Spain) to Anières (Switzerland) 

Dear Sirs,
My wife and I moved number of times locally and internationally and can say that we have plenty of experience. We used The Swiss Moving Company, Route des Avouillons 30 – 1196 Gland – Switzerland, twice recently to undertake the removals of our household, one local within the Canton of Geneva and one major from Marbella, Spain, to Anière in Canton Geneva. Both removals were executed to our fullest satisfaction. The personnel both in Switzerland and in Spain were skilled, thorough, careful and efficient. They were also very friendly, polite and accommodating. The packing was excellent and the handling (loading and unloading) was well organized, careful and yet quick. Only two small items without value were broken during the transport from Spain by no fault of the movers. The home office team of The Swiss Moving Company was highly professional, well connected, very responsive and with the necessary representation at Spanish and Swiss Customs. Thanks to their organizational skills these were “no stress” removals. Last but not least, their service was a “good value for money”. By this letter I wish express our sincere thanks. We can recommend The Swiss Moving Company without reservations. Frank Mason

R.victoria-inner-harbour BROOKE – Removal from Switzerland to Victoria (Canada)  

Hello Henri,

You may wish to know that the movers chosen by the UN (Jimmy Bruzzese & team) for our full removal were extremely effective, competent, professional and responsive. There were a couple of minor issues, but these were on the Canadian end of things. Indeed, Jimmy made himself available well beyond normal working hours to try to resolve one of these items. Overall, the move went as well as can possibly be expected. There were no issues whatsoever with Canadian customs. We would certainly recommend Jimmy and the Swiss Moving Company highly to other UN colleagues. Thank you & best wishes, Roy